Kabhi By Abbas Ali Khan (Official Music Video)

Kabhi By Abbas Ali Khan (Official Music Video)


Kabhi By Abbas Ali Khan (Official Music Video)

Watch the full video of Abbas Ali Khan‘s latest song ‘Kabhi’ now!

Audio Credits
Singer, Lyricist, Composer & Producer : Abbas Ali Khan
Guitar: Kashan Admani
Keys: Abbas Ali Khan
Vocals Recorded by: Immu Momina
Mix and Master : Abbas Ali Khan

Video Credits
Director: Shariq Khan
DOP: Bilal Khan
Edit and Grade: Abbas Ali Khan
Make up: Asif at Ngents and Rubab Tanzil


About Abbas Ali Khan: Abbas Ali Khan began his journey with music casting himself as a pop musician with the Album “Sun Re”. That was almost a decade ago. Over the years Abbas sang himself into the reclusive, ambient and richly Sufi themed tunes that you hear on his latest album, Tamaam Alam Mast (Entire Universe in Ecstasy). This album is the culmination of years of persistence, musical experimentation and self-work on his style of music
After the release of his latest Sufi Fusion Album Tamaam Alam Mast, Abbas plans to take his music across the globe and spread the message of Love, Peace and Harmony.

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