Rizla by Mwali Shah

Rizla by Mwali Shah


Mwali Shah’s latest track “Rizla” out and is released by Beyond Records and filmed by Beyond Studios. Born in Pakistan, Wali shah aka Mwali Shah moved to Saudi Arabia in the age of 2 with his family and lived most of his life in the city of Madina al Munawar while making sure he visits Pakistan every one to two years. Childhood gone and the young desi boy lived a lonely life in which he started loving music. Not always the best kid in the house or in the school. He tried to prove himself in the family but never hit the spot.

Mwali was a poet in very early age. He wrote his feelings on the papers. As he say ” I listen every type of music but hip hop rap ya i feel it most cuz there is no other music in which you can express your feelings so much, ya i love it more when i was done with all this hindi movies stuff, i mean love”.
In 2009 he started learning music by himself on internet. Mwali has released many underground tracks and by now is a known rapper in the city.

Listen to his latest track “Rizla” – OUT NOW!

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