Ismail and Junaid – Ranra (Pashto Song) with lyrics (Download Audio Video)

Ismail and Junaid – Ranra (Pashto Song) with lyrics (Download Audio Video)


Track: Ranra
Artist(s): Ismail and Junaid


Jaar jaar zama ranra zama laila da-(O love, You are the light of my life)
jaar jaar zama drana agha waina-(O love, You are the depth of my speech)

stanza 1:
Toro shpo ki ragharegi stargey da janat pa khwa-(In the shade of night, I wake up besides heaven)
storo ghundhay rawarigi noor ay da makh pa ma-( Like the stars, Her glow brightens my face)
yakh zra ki mi raabaleegi oor da janaan pa khwa-(In my cold heart, She ignites the fire again)
khoog ghunday uss lagegi har naway sitam pa ma-(Now I take pleasure in all the cruel acts bestowed upon me)

Nwar warta salam wai,daasey yao ranra wai-(The sun bows to the light of my beloved)

Stanza 2:
Maayo ki wai nishta dai,khumaar ay dai shundaano ki-(Her lips hold intoxication, what the goblet of wine can’t)
hooro ki wai nishta dai, haya ay da chishmaano ki-(Her eyes hold the shyness that houris don’t)
sparli ki wai nishta dai, wagma ay da zulfanu ki-(Spring can’t bear, the fragrance of her hair)
soori ki wai nishta dai,wafa ay da mayaano ki-(Shadows don’t bear the loyalty her admirers hold)

Stanza 3:
Gora chi praday shay ta, wora um zama ay ta-(You’re mine even in the hold of a stranger)
um zama zawaal ay ta,um zama parwaaz ay ta-(You’re my peak, and my fal)
Ismail pa kama kama dai,Udrawa sailaab ta-(Ismail is embraced by hardships, let the floods stop flow)
Armaan mi thama thama dai, Raora Inqilaab ta-(My frustrated desire still awaits the blood-free Revolution)

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  1. It takes me out of the world!
    Brilliant fusion of 12 string guitar and rabab, i have seen it for the first time ever. you guys are the trend setters! hats off ismail and junaid