Soch Raha Hai Pakistan – Coming Soon

Soch Raha Hai Pakistan – Coming Soon [Awareness Campaign]


Soch Raha Hai Pakistan – Coming Soon

A Project by 52 Productions!

Concept by Hasan Raja

52 Productions Team
Waqar Ali
Faheem Ch
Toqeer Akhtar
Ahmed Qureshi
Tanveer Pasha
Hasan Raja

52 Productions is a Lahore based production company. The company is totally run by the youth. The aim of the production house was to work on an awareness project for the youth by the youth and bring about some sense of positive change in the society. Our very first project Soch Raha Hai Pakistan will be launching very soon across Internet and other forms of social media. 52 Productions is also working on a full feature film as well but more news of that will be revealed later.

General Information:

Soch Raha Hai Pakistan is an awareness campaign based on the current issues Pakistan is facing. The aim of this project is to make the public think and spread awareness to take action and rectify issues in our society. Soch Raha Hai Pakistan will consist of a number of episodes based on specific issues in our society. It will provide us with public service messages and make the people of the nation realize where we are headed and what is needed to rectify issues in our society.

” The Mission”

– To make the public think
– Spread Awareness
– Take positive action to rectify issues

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