Billy X – Chummi Da Sawal with lyrics (Download Audio)

Billy X – Chummi Da Sawal with lyrics (Download Audio)


Artist: Billy-X
Song: Chummi Da Sawal

Music, Lyrics, Production & Recording by Billy-X @ B-X Studios

For gig & concerts
Manager: Danish Imtiaz
Voice: +92-333-355-4949


My real name is Babar Khan and my roots are back in NWFP, strange ain’t it hehe. Well to tell you the truth, rap wasn’t really my thing and i hadn’t even heard the genre before 10th grade. The first rap song i took a gud listen to was Eminem’s ‘The Real Slim Shady’ and sumin just connected you know wat i mean, sumin jus felt right and that was where my rappin days began though i din knew if i was good or not before 12th grade when in college Omer Bhai from the band ‘ROOH’ which i became a part of listened ta me n pumped back some confidence. From there on in, i was no more a lost wanderer and knew wat my real abilities were. 99.9% of my inspiration was and perhaps still is Eminem. Writings were another matter which took a long time to evolve and become somewhat a mature and complete song writer though there is still a long way to the top. Battlin or ORCUT was a big help in this regard. I did two or three gigs during my time in FC College. But the real thing picked up at the end of my first semester in LSE when i did a gig through a contact in KAPS and then gigs started pourin in and people were impressed. I also got to do a show on ATV but later on things cooled up again while i concentrated on my originals. Some people have been a big hurdle on my way here but with god’s grace, finally i’m here and have my fingerx crossed for the outcome. I hope most of you like my first single. CHOW!!!!!

Billy X

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